About Us

Sit back and relax. Greenfield Family Dentistry is a welcoming dental practice, and we make every effort to ensure you are always well cared for. Our entire team has a common goal: to make sure we help you reach your oral health goals.

Each member of our team spends time learning about the status of your oral health and your dental concerns. Once we get to know you, we are able to provide guidance, advice, and treatment based on your unique needs. The comprehensive dental care we provide is always in your best interest!


Meet Dr. Jacob Bissonette

Born and raised in Ohio, Jacob Bissonette always dreamed of opening a private dental practice in an area like Greenfield. After graduating from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry and practicing in the private and public sectors for many years, Dr. Bissonette decided that opening a private practice would be his next step. In 2016, after quite a bit of consideration, Dr. Bissonette selected Greenfield as the location of his new practice.

“My passion is taking care of my patients and making a positive impact on their lives.” – Dr. Bissonette

With extensive experience in the area of general dentistry, Dr. Bissonette is excited to offer progressive dental services in his brand new and modern dental office to the residents living in and around Greenfield. He and his team look forward to providing patients with high­ quality dental care in a comfortable and caring environment. Dr. Bissonette knows that the people who visit his office will not only be his patients, but also his friends and neighbors.